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What We Grow


Micro Greens

Micro Greens

Micro Green Mixes

Merlot Mix
Cahaba Cabernet (aka Valentine's Mix): Earthy Mix of herbs, red greens, beets and purple radishes combine to make beautiful burgundy colors. We added bright red flowers to enhance its visual appeal. (aka Valentine Mix)
Rainbow Mix

Our Most Popular Item!

Rainbow Mix: Arugula, Beet Bulls Blood, Red Mustard Giant, Red Cabbage, Purple Kohlrabi, Mizuna Mustard

Spicey Picante Mix
Spicey Picante Mix:
Cilantro, Onion, Caliente
Wasabi Green
Fiery Mix
Fiery Mix:
Everything has heat. Wasabi, hint of diakon radish, and spicy horseradish flavor profile.
Asian Mix Asian Mix: Micro Cilantro, Micro Daikon Radish Tokashini, Micro Mizuna Mustard, Micro Red Cabbage, Micro Red Mustard, Micro Tatsoi
Basil Mix Basil Mix: Micro Cinnamon Basil, Micro Lemon Basil, Micro Opal Basil, Micro Sweet Basil
Merlot Mix Merlot Mix: micro red amaranth, micro beet bulls blood, micro purple sakura radish, micro shiso
Merlot Mix
Chef's Mix: Red Cabbage, Beets, Celery, Arugula and Red Amaranth gives this Mix a nutty and peppery root vegetable flavor profile. We added bright colors from petals of edible flowers to give this mix a lot of color. The tendril of affilia peas adds a different geometry. This mix plates beautifully.
Merlot Mix
Petite Rainbow Blend: Red Oak, Tatsoi, Blood Sorrel and Celery
Merlot Mix
Latin Latitude: Cilantro, Chervil, Red Vein Sorrel, Beets, Red Cabbage and edible flowers for festive colors makes this mix a hit in Miami. The Citrus notes and Cilantro makes this mix popular on Latin dishes and Fish.
Merlot Mix
Micro Citrus Notes: Lemon Basil, Red Vein Sorrel and Mint makes this mix a nice compliment for fish.

Chefs Toy Boxes

6-packs (6 @ 1.5 oz each)

Micro Basil Mix: micro cinnamon basil, micro lemon basil, micro opal basil, micro sweet basil, micro thai basil

Micro Sakura Mix: affilia pea, cimmamon basil, daikon radish tokashini, lemon basil, opal basil, purple sakura radish

Micro Vegi Mix: micro affilia pea, micro caliente, micro celery, micro onion, micro sakura radish purple, micro daikon radish tokashini

Cancer Fighter / Anti-Oxidant Mix: two 1.5 oz. clamshels of red cabbage, two 1.5 oz. clamshels of micro broccoli, and two 1.5 oz. clamshels of micro kale

Chefs Toy Boxes
Chefs Toy Boxes

9-packs (6 @ 1.0 oz each)

A: Best Assorted 9-Pack micro red amaranth, micro arugula, micro beet bulls blood, micro brocolli, micro red cabbage, micro cilantro, micro purple kohlrabi, micro mizuna mustard, micro red mustard

B: micro caliente, micro celery, micro cinnamon, micro basil, micro kaikon radish tokashini, micro sweet basil, micro lemon basil, micro onion, micro rad rubin basil, micro purple sakura radish

Specialty Items



Micro Greens Fresh from Florida
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